January 27th - João Graça

João Graça (Unbabel)

Unbabel - Distributed Crowd Translation


Unbabel is a startup whose mission is to enable seamless, trustworthy written communication in different languages.

The Unbabel platform combines a novel approach to machine translation with a community of bilinguals and freelance translators which results in human quality translations, at a fraction of the cost, an order of magnitude faster.

This talk will focus on the Unbabel translation pipeline and on the different challenges in tries to address from a Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing perpsective, namely: Machine Translation, Quality Estimation, User Preferences selection, Fraud Detection and so on.


Bio: João Graça is currently the CTO of Unbabel. He was previously the data scientist and natural language processing expert at Dezine and Flashgroup. João did his PhD in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning at Instituto Superior Técnico together with the University of Pennsylvania with Professors Fernando Pereira, Ben Taskar and Luísa Coheur.

He is the author of several papers in the area, his main research topics are machine learning with side information, unsupervised learning and machine translation. João is one of the co-founders of the Lisbon Machine Learning Summer School.