April 19th - Ricardo Sousa

Ricardo Sousa (FARFETCH)

The perspective of the language in multimodal conversational AI for high-end fashion marketplaces


At Priberam, we will discuss one of the pillars of a conversational system: context, building on the momentum of the previous session regarding the tools built by our team to have representative visual encodings. To accomplish this, we must first gain a deeper understanding of the many agent categories, as well as which strategy one should employ: neural approaches or template-based methods. Later on, we will share how updates to the conversation state need to reflect the key choices that were made in the previous turn and how one can take advantage of the improvements to neural models.


Bio: Ricardo Sousa is Principal Data Scientist at FARFETCH. Driven to quickly trial novel Machine Learning approaches to disrupt different business areas, Ricardo was one key contributor in the “Search and Discovery” cluster. As a manager of Data Science, he co-lead four multidisciplinary product development teams composed of product, engineers, and scientists. Ricardo is currently leading the conversational commerce initiatives at FARFETCH to disrupt the high-end fashion commerce industry and contribute to novel solutions with Conversational AI Agents. With research interest in fields related to Information Retrieval leverage by modern Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing he continues to contribute to the scientific community with articles in journals, conferences about his work at FARFETCH and co-organizing international events such as Multimodal Conversational AI Agents at ACM Multimedia.