Master's Projects

We believe that one of the best ways to cooperate with universities is to jointly supervise nearly-graduated students. The following Master's projects are currently assigned to students of Instituto Superior Técnico under co-supervision by Priberam Labs researchers:

  • Opinion Mining in Newspapers and Blogs: Mine sources like Twitter, blogs, or newspapers, and find out what the world thinks about a product or a celebrity!
  • Text-Driven Forecasting: Predict numeric quantities like movie revenues or poll results from social media sources like Twitter or Facebook.
  • Recommendation System: Develop a system which can recommend products to a user based on other products bought by him and by similar users.
  • Weakly Supervised Sentiment Analysis: Devise a system which learns to perform sentiment analysis on one domain (for example, movie reviews) and can adapt to other domains (for example, smartphone reviews).


  • Workplace within 5 minutes walk from IST. 3 minutes if you walk fast. :)
  • Work with real data. Usually, large sets of real data.
  • Get some real-world experience in the industry before you even get your degree.
  • Future integration of the developed technologies into our products and services.
  • Possible evolution into a long-term PhD project.

How to apply:

These projects have already been assigned. Future projects will be listed at IST's Fenix system; you should apply through that website. If you have an idea for a Master's Project, or just want more information, send us an email.